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PHOMI Group, the inventor of the MCM ecological material, is a World-wide leader of the MCM industry and the constitutor of the international MCM material industry standard. Products of PHOMI MCM Group are not just about some particular single benefit. It is a long list of special and unique features, philosophy and vision of short- and long-term benefits in economic, ecological and human society sustainable development. We aim high but think down-to-Earth. In PHOMI we believe that the same as not only the extraordinary people can perform extraordinary things, also a human mind can create extraordinary products out of common substances.

What are nowadays’ modified clay materials of PHOMI?

It is cladding, flooring, roads, sidewalks, athletic runways pavements, construction materials, art plastic substances… All of that is ecological, safe, very long lasting, looking very nice and possesses a long list of applied features, offering a unique blend of benefits to the our customers that make these products unique in the combination of their affordability, usability, look and resources saving.

Discovering PHOMI MCM materials, you will discover a number of unique features and their combinations that you will not find in any other products.

Hard & flexible in the same time
Is hard like stone or burned clay, still flexible

Universal cladding
Can be equally used for exterior and interior

Has capacities of clay to “breathe”

Regulates humidity
Adjusts humidity in the room to the optimal interval of 40%-70% which is comfortable for the human beings and in which that infectious bacteria and viruses survive likelihood is the lowest according to the microbiological researches

Fire- & water- proof
Can be used as cladding on the outer fireplace hot surfaces and around the swimming pool alike

Very light & thin
Is so thin (starting from 2 mm), light and flexible in use that can be applied on wall even on the double-layer adhesive tape, while the custom tile application method can be normally used

Anchor-free installation
Does not require any anchoring system

Can be cut with the scissors
Even resembling stone or fired clay on look and touch, still if it is less than 3 mm thick, the shape can be adjusted even by the usual scissors

Even in case of a heavy impact or deep cut you will not see the inner part different in color than the surface (unlike low-quality cladding materials with a thin surface color layer, like plaster or cement products, that are also much less impact-resistant)

Highly impact- and tear- resistant
When applied on the surface are more resistant than a conventional ceramic or burned brick cladding

UV resistant
Is UV radiation resistant as anything else made of clay and sand

Very durable
Is very durable: qualified laboratory test have shown no changes in color or structure at 70 year outdoor life cycle, at average 2 times then the cement and 3 times then the plaster analogues

Green alternative to the roads paving
Is also used for roads and highways construction as a new-age alternative of asphalt and concrete, reducing heavy impact on nature during their components extraction, processing and utilisation

Highly versatile material
Is already used for production of a range of ecological products from paving to plastic substance for sculptors

Safe & healthy
No odor, no toxic substances release, no irradiation

Revolutionary product
Due to patented technologies is inexpensive, ecological, revolutionary and modern in the same time, carries sustainability for the society and Earth!

All of the MCM features are creating an amazing total solution value.

Why PHOMI MCM materials is economically beneficial to use? Simple question – simple answer.

​We are used to think that whatever is ecological or “green” is expensive. Use of PHOMI materials breaks this stereotype and on the contrary will bring the economy of your construction to the new level.
That primarily comes from the weight of our products per m2 that is times less than the analogues, for example:
Infinity Stone: 8,5 kg Cut Stone: 3,5 kg Wood: 4,0 kg Brick: 3,8 kg (only 2,5 mm thick!)
The revolutionary weight and thickness of our products allows their use where the cladding weight is critical and also, during the usual application, it determines 40-60% decrease of adhesive layer amount. This results in 150-450 EUR (depends on adhesive class) savings per each 100 m2 of PHOMI products applied.

Easy handling

Easier, faster handling and application of our materials result in the significant savings during the construction process

Logistic advantages

Add to this a huge logistic economy. Imagine your savings by transporting and storing of a your cladding material that fits in amount of at average 5000 m2 depends on the material type) in a single 20-ft container. In simple words, it is 5-7 times savings comparing to the conventional materials

Long life

There have been conducted the 50-year durability test which is made in the conditions that put the material in the stressful conditions of “fast aging”. The method of this test is in the lab conditions in the short time to apply all of the impacts that material has to survive during its real life outdoor, like, rain, sun, multiple freezing and de-freezing cycles. After this test not only no significant color changes were noticed, but the material did not show any cracks or swelling on its surface. In this way the upper lifetime threshold of PHOMI materials was not yet found

At the first glance PHOMI materials belong to the average price category. But it would be enough to consider just the short-term economic advantages to understand how small the real total solution cost of PHOMI MCM is.

PHOMI brand is working hard to be true to its philosophy of its products to create harmony between the human society, business and nature. The unique and exclusive features of our products, how they are created, used and utilized allow us to fulfill this vision. Safety and high ecological value of our products is confirmed with REACH, UL Green Guard (Gold) and Green Label certificates. But we go further. By creating the PHOMI material and using the common substances as like clay, stone powder and sand we are:

Protecting the forests

By using PHOMI MCM Wood we stop the cutting the forests and destroy the lungs of our planet, moreover it is more durable than real wood, does not change the color, can not be affected by the moist, fungi or parasites;

Protecting the animal world

When we use PHOMI MCM Leather, there is no need to kill the animals, you just enjoy the beauty of the skin pattern

Making easily available rare Earth’s resources for everyone

When we use PHOMI MCM Stone, there is no need to exhaust various rare or expensive mineral deposits, the same look is achieved with the same natural materials as clay and quartz sand


After its use can be re-used or returned back to arable land

Extremely low carbon footprint

During the production of PHOMI products extremely small amount of energetic resources are used and only from the renewable resources

Production and use of PHOMI materials allow nature, business and human beings to coexist in harmony.