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PHOMI has initiated a material revolution, transforming natural soil into a new material: econic clay.
This new material can be adapted for derivation of a plethora of other new materials, providing infinite possibilities of material innovation for construction, decoration, urban roads, automobiles, artificial fabric and leather, furniture, 3D-technologies and other fields.

Below let us present to you an overview of our currently main products category – cladding materials out of the econic clay

PHOMI MCM’s econic clay – is a unique and innovative construction material that is made of natural mineral resources, mainly clay, and processed with advanced technology. PHOMI MCM products are highly eco-friendly, durable and can be used in a wide range of both indoor and outdoor applications, walls, floors and ceilings.

PHOMI MCM offers a variety of product lines to cater to different needs and design preferences.

For the convenience we have split our II-d and III-d generation of products that are the core of our assortment into several big categories to make your choice of the products easier. That are:

Standard Lines – the remaining assortment of the I-st generation of our products which have not migrated to the next generations, neither were discontinued:

  • Travertine 052KZ (White Gold) and Travertine 031YZD (Golden Grey),
  • Divine Mushroom and Crossroad Mushroom.Top of Form

Natural Stone – conveying the beauty of the natural stone. The products are available in consistent size options, such as 600×300 and 1200×600, with most of them also available in the standard size of 2400×1200 mm. Among the series under this category you’ll find:

Marble, Mount Lion, Travertine, Sandstone, Limestone, Granite – flat and rough (including Rough Surface texture), Mount Celestial (having the texture of known to you from our first generation of products Slate) and Skyline (known to you from the Oasis Stone texture).

Artisan Stone

Artisan Stone – conveying the elegance of the stone processed by an artisan hand. In addition to the mention above formats it is added 1380×600 as well as 2700x1200mm.

Oman Stone, Ridged Stone, Chiseled Stone (known to you from our previous generation’s “Broken Linear”), 35 Piece Stone, Infinity Stone, Rammed Earth, Concrete Wall, Polished Stone, Scabbled Stone, Bush Hammered, Cut Stone.

Wood Lines – rendering the beauty of the natural wood on the planks of 1350×300 and 1200×600 mm size. Among wood series you’ll find:

Poly Wood, Original Wood, Petrified Wood and Ridged Wood.

Native lines

Native lines will make you feel the down-to-earth coziness of such natural woven materials represented in formats of 1200×600, 1200×1200 as well as 1350×600 mm. These lines are represented with:

W Weaving, W Herringbone, Ocean Flower, as well as make admire the luxurious look of the Croco Leather.

Brick Series

Brick Series presents a one step further of how the facing brick can look and function. Our range was enriched with a wide variety of sizes, including the long (Riegel brick) format was added.

Our econic bricks are presented with the varieties of patterns and texture that we’ve extended and marked as A, G, C and E series.

W Parquet

W Parquet – is our experiment series that represent the planks that can be used on the floor and not only… They are represented by ten different sizes.

Special Lines Special Lines is our other new category that was reserved for the products with special characteristics. Among those are:

“A1” line that combines in itself flat surface and any pattern of the 3D lines with is top-level fireproof properties. These panels are available in the size of 600×300, 1200×600 as well as 2440×1220 mm.

“Rolled” line has the width of 1,2 m and can have literally limitless length of up to 70 m. It has also a capacity of any 3D lines pattern. Currently only Mount Celestial texture (of slate) is used for this line. We have in our loop of increasing of the variety of the Rolled lines to the rolled travertine, rolled beton / concrete and other textures.

PHOMI MCM products are continuously evolving and improving, driven by the company’s commitment to research and development. With its unique blend of natural resources and advanced technology, PHOMI MCM is a versatile and sustainable construction material that offers endless possibilities for designers and builders.


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